Gameplay Guide
Ahoy, you have found the beginner’s guide. Here we will explain everything you need to know to get started with D-Drops!
D-drops is a treasure hunt game that is built on blockchain technology, this technology enables D-Drops to create and drop all kinds of treasures in the game with actual value. If you would like to know more about how we have built this please read our whitepaper and other documents which you can find here.
The first time setting up your application the app will ask you to create a wallet. You can see this as your piggy bank where you can store all your treasures. You also need to allocate some BNB (the native token of the Binance Smart Chain) to be able to send transactions. You can either create a new wallet by clicking on “Create new wallet” or recover an existing wallet by clicking on “recover with private key”.
Every time you claim a treasure you have to pay a claim fee, for this you will need to have some DOP tokens, and some BNB to cover your gas fees. We’ve created a starters kit that you can easily purchase through our online store and get enough DOP and BNB to start your first hunt! Link to starterskit:
That’s it, now we are ready to hunt! Follow the steps below to get your treasure-hunting adventure started!

Step1: Download and install the app

Go to AppStore or Google Play and search for D-Drops. Download and install the app.

Step 2: Set up a Wallet

Go through the setup pages and click on “I’m ready to hunt”. Then click on “Create a wallet” if you want to create a new wallet or click on “Recover with private key” if you already have a wallet and want to load it in the app using your private key.

Step 3: Set up a Pincode

Once you have created a wallet or recovered one from a private key you will have to set up a pin code to protect access to your D-Drops account. Make sure to use a secure pin code. Don’t use for instance easy and standard pin codes such as “00000” or “12345” etc.

Step 4: Start Hunting

To hunt for treasures we have to locate a hotspot where the treasures are dropped. Once you are in a hotspot, you can use your radar to scan for treasures.
After your radar is done scanning the area you will be able to see if there are any treasures hidden in the hotspot. Now you can search the area and try to find a treasure. (invoegen pijl naar aantal kisten)
The basic radar can be adjusted with four different radii: 130 meters, 260 meters, 530 meters, and 1000 meters. The available radii depend on the amount of DOP in your wallet. See the FAQ for more detailed information on this. If you have multiple radii available you can click on the ‘+’ for a bigger radius or a ‘-’ smaller radius. In this way, you can detect treasures from a further distance.

Step 5: LOOT!

If you are now at the same location as the treasure. It is time to LOOOT! Click on ‘Claim Your Find’ to loot the treasure.
Note: Make sure to stand on the exact location of the treasure, otherwise you won’t be able to make a claim request.

Step 6: Send a Claim Request

To claim your treasure you will have to upload a picture of your environment to prove that you are at the location and pay a claim fee which is equal to 30% of the Treasure content. Make sure to upload a picture that anyone could verify using street view. After uploading your picture, you can send in your claim request!
Note: Every time you make a transaction, you will have to approve it first (learn more about approving contracts)
That's it! Now the community and other users will validate your claim and if it is approved you will receive the loot inside of the treasure. To learn more about the validation process click here.
Happy Hunting! D-Drops Team
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