Test-Net Instructions

Fill out the Google Form to receive an invite for the iOS or Android application

Add BSCTest-net to your wallet and add the Test-Net DOP as a custom token

You can read how to add the BSC Test-net network to your current MetaMask Wallet in the link below. MetaMask: https://medium.com/spartanprotocol/how-to-connect-metamask-to-bsc-testnet-7d89c111ab2
Add Test-Net DOP to your wallet Contract address: 0xF078e39d6B9E353BD5C1FC95dA11b5538BA19F2A

Get Test-net BNB to make transactions on the BSC Test-net chain.

You can get Test-net BNB for free by clicking on the following link: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

Receive Test-net DOP on your BSC wallet address you filled in within 48 Hours

You can reach out to the team via Discord (https://forms.gle/HPRTiUs8tjReSDJf8) if you haven't received any Test-net DOP after 48 Hours.

Setup the D-Drops application by creating or importing a wallet and transferring the Test-Net DOP/BNB to your application wallet.

We recommend importing a wallet of which you have the private key saved and does not contain any other funds. This will prevent you from losing any DOP if the app is reset and you haven't saved the private key.

Thats it! With your BNB you can pay for the gas fees and with your DOP you can pay for the claim fees. You are all set for the hunt now!

Thank you for your interest in D-Drops, we strive to make a wonderful product and share the unique experience of going on real-life treasure hunts with more and more people! Cheers, D-Drops by Lost Dutchman Labs B.V.