The future will exists out of a symbiotic landscape between the Digital and Physical world.


Symbiosis is the concept of two separate species living in perfect harmony with each other while helping each other. An example of this is the Oxpeckers (a bird) that lands on the back of the elephant and eats the lice and other harmful insects that live on the skin of the elephant. The birds have a place to search for food where they are safe from predators and the elephant is helped by the Oxpeckers because they are cleaning his skin from all of the harmful insects.

Digital and Physical Symbiosis

We at D-Drops believe that there can be just as beautiful symbiosis between the Physical World and the Digital World. We envision a future where technology enhances our Physical World and in return, the Physical World accepts and welcomes the technological innovations that come with time. With D-Drops we want to make a step in this direction. Creating an AR layer filled with treasures and NFT's. Here people will not only be able to gain wealth by collecting treasure through exploring the physical world. But also enhance the world with their own additions, by creating Drops. People can drop treasures for others to find, but they could also drop NFT's with a unique use case. The possibility to Drop NFT's based on one's location will create endless use cases. For instance, a big brand like NIKE could release a limited edition shoe and drop NFT's of it all over the world. With these NFT's people can claim the limited edition shoes. Or imagine setting up your own treasure hunt for family and friends. Creating clues and dropping them as NFT's on locations to create a unique and fun activity. The possibilities are endless, so we will not go over all of them. Our goal here is to tease your imagination to go wild and think of all of the unique use cases of a platform that will enable people to do this. This is a future that excites us, we believe that this is a future that will enhance human experience and create tremendous value in our daily lives. That is why we have started D-Drops and are working hard to make sure this vision will become a reality. If you are just as excited as we are for this future. Join us in this journey and help us build this future together.