The knowledge base is created to guide you through the world that D-Drops is building.
D-Drops is a Decentralized App that enables users to search for crypto treasures all over the world. Building towards a future where there will be an AR layer over the current physical world where NFTs and other crypto assets thrive and have direct use cases.


The challenge to creating a true play-to-earn game is to create a game that attracts not only parties who are interested in getting earnings out of the game but also parties who will provide the funds. As money can not be printed out of thin air, well at least not by us, we need other parties to provide funds. Although there are a lot of charitable people and organizations in the world, we do not expect them to just put money into the game and expect nothing for it in return. Therefore, we are planning to attract parties with funds by providing them with entertainment, collectibles, reach, a sense of accomplishment, and governing powers in the game. How this is exactly done is explained in subsequent chapters.
In short D-Drops world aims to generate revenue through several revenue streams from parties that are willing to put funds into the game in return for one of the things mentioned above. The funds generated in this manner are then used to pay out the play to earn parties. The game is designed in such a way that valuable and useful in-game items can only be created by the player to earn parties and which are useful for the play for fun parties. Furthermore, as all in-game items are NFT which serves the purpose of tracking users’ accomplishments as well as providing them with in-game and real-world utilities the in-game items have intrinsic real-world value. Additionally, several mechanics are implemented for play to earn parties to invest in-game items, improve them through work, and resale them for a profit.

Team Note

Hello, I am Shair Amiri one of the three founders of D-Drops. Together with my two brothers, we have started D-Drops out of a love for technology and entrepreneurship. With our broad experience in the start-up world, business, tech, product development, and engineering we are confident that we are able to create the vision we are working towards with D-Drops. If you are just as excited about the future we envision we would love to have you with us during this journey. Please consider joining our community and following us on Twitter. Your support and input are invaluable to us.
April 2021
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