D-Drops Knowledge Base
D-Drops is a Decentralized App that enables users to search for crypto treasures all over the world. Building towards a future where there will be an AR layer over the current physical world where NFTs and other crypto assets thrive and have direct use cases. The knowledge base is created to guide you through the world that D-Drops is building. Below you can find links to specific pages of the knowledge base.



Team Note Hello, I am Shair Amiri one of the three founders of D-Drops. Together with my two brothers, we have started D-Drops out of a love for technology and entrepreneurship. With our broad experience in the start-up world, business, tech, product development, and engineering we are confident that we are able to create the vision we are working towards with D-Drops. If you are just as excited about the future we envision we would love to have you with us during this journey. Please consider joining our Discord and following us on Twitter. Your support and input are invaluable to us.
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