🎑Event Treasure Hunts

Custom In-Game Events for Clients in D-Drops

Bespoke Treasure Hunting Experiences

D-Drops offers a premium service that allows larger clients to craft their own treasure hunting adventures within the D-Drops universe. This service is tailor-made for entities that wish to offer a unique engagement experience to their audience, such as cities, festivals, expos, and other special events.

Personalized App Stack and Branding

Clients availing this service will benefit from a custom app stack, which includes a dedicated application interface designed to reflect their brand's aesthetic and ethos. The app stack not only aligns with the client's visual branding but also encompasses an experience that resonates with their brand's values and the specific event's theme.

Full-Service Experience Design

The D-Drops team collaborates closely with clients to conceptualize and execute the treasure hunt:

  • Custom Prizes: Prizes are specially designed to align with the client’s brand, event, or city’s identity, making them exclusive and desirable for the participants.

  • Tailored Treasure Designs: The in-game treasures, while maintaining the mystical and alluring nature of D-Drops, are customized in their appearance and lore to fit the event's theme and the client’s branding.

  • Experiential Storytelling: The treasure hunt is not just a game; it's a narrative that weaves the client’s message into an interactive story, ensuring an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional marketing.

Targeted Local Engagement

While D-Drops is a game with a global appeal, these custom events are localized, meaning the experience is contained within the city or the specified geographic boundaries of the event. This approach allows for concentrated marketing efforts and creates a rich, community-centric event where the treasure hunt can drive significant foot traffic and engagement.

Ideal for Special Events

This service is particularly well-suited for:

  • Cities: Looking to promote tourism or celebrate a special occasion within the city.

  • Festivals: Wishing to add an interactive layer to the festival experience, engaging attendees in a novel way.

  • Expos: Seeking to provide a memorable experience for participants, encouraging exploration and interaction with different booths and exhibits.


Custom in-game events by D-Drops represent a cutting-edge approach to engagement, combining the allure of gaming with the impact of experiential marketing. By offering a custom-tailored treasure hunting experience, D-Drops helps clients create an unforgettable event that captivates, entertains, and brings together communities in the spirit of adventure and discovery.

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