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๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ซPolygon Migration

Seamless Transition to Polygon

As part of our commitment to a smooth transition for our users to the new $DOP on the Polygon network, we have ensured that all holders of the original DOP tokens receive the updated $DOP tokens via an airdrop directly to their wallets. There is no action required on your part to receive the new tokens if you were a holder before July 18th.

Important Steps for Receiving $DOP:

  1. Adding Polygon Network: To view and use your $DOP tokens, you must first ensure that the Polygon network is added to your wallet. This allows you to interact with the Polygon-based tokens and DApps seamlessly.

  2. Entering New Token Contract Address: Once the Polygon network is added to your wallet, you can view your $DOP balance by entering the new token contract address: 0x103965213122805C9aA63D8036Ed0ef692c19650.

Adding the Polygon Network to Your Wallet:

For users of MetaMask and Trust Wallet, please refer to the following guides to add the Polygon network:

Migrating from D-Drops v1 App Wallet

If you are currently using the D-Drops v1 app and wish to transfer your wallet contents to a new wallet provider like MetaMask, you can do so by exporting your private key.

Exporting Your Private Key:

  1. Accessing Settings: Navigate to the settings page within your D-Drops v1 app.

  2. Private Key Export: Locate the option to export your wallet's private key. It is crucial to handle this information securely, as your private key gives full access to your wallet.

  3. Import to New Wallet: With the private key obtained, you can import your wallet to another wallet service like MetaMask. This will enable you to manage your $DOP tokens and interact with the Polygon network.

Note: Always ensure the security of your private keys during this process. Never share your private keys with anyone and avoid storing them on internet-connected devices to prevent unauthorized access.

By following these guidelines, you can smoothly transition to the new $DOP token and continue engaging with the D-Drops ecosystem without interruption. For additional assistance, please contact our support team at

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