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๐Ÿ…Tasks & Achievements

Daily Tasks

  • Description: Daily tasks are short-term challenges that reset every 24 hours, designed to keep players engaged on a day-to-day basis.

  • Objective: Completion of daily tasks rewards players with items that can enhance their gameplay experience.

  • 7-Day Cycle: Players are encouraged to complete a series of daily tasks over a 7-day period to unlock a special weekly reward. After the seventh day, the task sequence resets, and players can start anew.

Task Examples

  • Exploration Tasks: Tasks that require players to visit certain locations or hotspots within the game.

  • Collection Tasks: Tasks where players must collect a specific number of in-game items or treasures.

  • Battling Tasks: Challenges that involve defeating a certain number of treasure chests.

  • Community Tasks: Engagements that involve interacting with other players or contributing to the community.

Achievements in D-Drops

Long-Term Achievements

  • Description: Achievements are long-term goals that players can strive to attain over the course of their D-Drops adventure.

  • Categories: Achievements are categorized to represent different aspects of gameplay and player growth.

Achievement Categories

  1. Growth Achievements: Recognizing milestones in the player's development, such as leveling up, improving stats, or upgrading equipment.

  2. Gameplay Achievements: Related to specific actions within the game, like the number of chests battled or the rarity of items collected.

  3. Discovery Achievements: Awarded for exploring new worlds, hotspots, or finding rare treasures.

  4. Community Achievements: For players who contribute to the D-Drops community, such as helping new players or participating in community events.

  5. Special Event Achievements: Related to time-limited events or festivals within the game.

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