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πŸ–‹οΈHunting Progression

Become a Legendary Treasure hunter by earning XP and Upgrading your Treasure Hunting Gear!

Purpose: This document provides an overview of the player progression mechanics in D-Drops, focusing on the leveling and experience points (XP) system, and details the impact of account-based stats on gameplay.

Leveling / XP System

Overview: Players in D-Drops progress by earning XP, which is accumulated through various in-game activities. The XP contributes to leveling up their account, thereby unlocking new abilities and enhancing their gameplay.

Ways to Earn XP

Players can earn XP through the following activities:

  1. Participating in Treasure Hunts: Successfully completing treasure hunts awards players with XP.

  2. Completing Quests: Each quest completed successfully contributes XP to the player's account.

  3. Engaging in Mini-Games: Participating in various mini-games within D-Drops also earns players XP.

  4. Special Events Participation: Joining and completing tasks in special events can provide significant XP gains.

  5. Community Engagement: Contributing positively to the D-Drops community, such as helping other players.

  6. Completing Daily Tasks

  7. Reaching Achievements

Account-Based Stats

Account-based stats are key attributes of a player’s profile that enhance their gameplay in D-Drops. These stats are improved through leveling up and specific upgrades.

  1. Attack

    • Description: Determines the damage a player inflicts in combat mode.

    • Improvement Method: Increases with each tap during combat encounters in the game.

  2. Claim Range

    • Description: Indicates the maximum distance from which a player can claim a treasure.

    • Leveling and Upgrades:

      • Unlocks with level progression.

      • Players can purchase upgrades using the in-game currency, Gulden.

      • Each level up allows access to a new purchasable upgrade, enhancing the claim range.

  3. Detection Range

    • Description: Defines the radius within which players can detect hidden treasures.

    • Leveling and Upgrades:

      • Follows a similar structure to the claim range.

      • Upgrades are available upon leveling up and require Gulden to unlock.

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