D-Drops World

The D-Drops World is best described by describing the roles members of the community can take within the world as well as the goods and services that can be provided within the D-Drops world i.e., a description of goods and services within the world. Therefore, we start by describing several roles and goods and services below.


Hunters The hunters are hardworking treasure hunters these are the kind of people who would travel the world and explore the harshest grounds in search of all kinds of treasures. Most of the hunters will exist out of play to earn members of the community who are willing to put in some work to generate income.
Owners The owners are more laid back, they like to sit down and relax and own parts of the land. By owning land, owners can generate passive income by receiving a part of the custom drop fees from custom drops within their lands. Additionally, they could sell their lands for profit.
Creators The creators are parties who create treasures and quests for others to either hunt or embark on. The creators are usually parties who are trying to reach people to promote their creations such as art, music, shop, or other things and would like to build a good name for themselves within the community as well as gain governing rights within the game. However, creators can also be parties who want to contribute to a better world by creating meaningful quests to incentive others to do good in the world. Additionally, we expect to see a lot of "for fun creators" these are people who like to create events and treasures for others just for their own amusement.
Although in the above section the emphasis is laid on creations containing free rewards for the finder. Creations can also exist of items that can be bought by finders i.e., finders don’t get the content of the treasure for free but must mine or mint it by spending DOP. Thus, an NFT artist can sell their NFT collection by dropping them at a specific location and requiring users to pay the minting fee to acquire the NFT. However, in order to be able to create such items one needs to own a Grimoire NFT which has the spell to do so.


Each of the described roles above has a corresponding NFT to record your belongings, contribution, and rights or to provide you with tools to hunt such as the radar NFTs. Although the collection of goods can be expanded in the future below a list and description are given for the goods that are sure to exist within the D-Drops world.
Radar NFT The radar NFT is a tool for the hunter to find treasures. It scans the surrounding areas for detectable treasures and allows the hunter to claim treasures.
Land NFT The land NFT is an NFT describing the area it represents within the D-Drops world. Note that most treasures with the exception of hidden treasures can only be dropped within these lands and not outside.
Creator NFT The creator NFT tracks the creations of a creator. Every creation created with the creator is recorded on and editable through this creator.
Finds Finds are treasures Finds recorded in a radar NFT. Finds can be used to upgrade genesis NFTs.
Dopium Dopium is a mineral used to craft and upgrade Land, Radar, and Creator NFTs. Collectively these NFTs are called the genesis NFTs. Dopium is a rare mineral that can only be mined through radar NFTs. Dopium occurs naturally in the earth’s crust in form of Dopinite. Dopium ore can be mined from open pits or underground excavations. The ore can then be crushed and treated with DOP to separate the valuable Dopium from the ore. Dopium is tradable and used to repair, upgrade or craft genesis NFTs.
NFTs and NFT collections Of course, since parties can drop NFTs and D-Drops will also create and drop their own NFT users who find these NFTs can then trade them with other users for profit.


Mining Dopium Dopium is a difficult mineral to find, and it requires some processing to be obtained from the Dopium ore. Mining Dopium, therefore, is a cumbersome task there will be parties who rather buy it from others than mine it themselves. Therefore, mining Dopium for others is a service that can be provided by some parties to others.
Crafting upgraded genesis NFTs Radar NFT in particular is very upgradable and comes in many variations. Upgrading a genesis NFT requires either Finds or Dopium. Upgrading a basic radar into another form is called crafting. Furthermore, certain upgrades require special Finds therefore specially crafting radars of a specific kind can be quite a task. Therefore, crafting radars for others is a service that can be provided by some parties to others.
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