There are a variety of fees in the D-Drops world. These fees are meant to provide income to the play 2-earn players as well as create treasures and fund the development and marketing of D-Drops. In this section, you can find an overview of these fees.

Fee Calculations

Dopium mining fee calculation The Dopium mining fee is needed to payout validators and generates revenue for the treasure and dev/marketing wallet. The formula for the Dopium mining fee calculation is given below.
DopiumMiningFee = 5 * ValidatorReward + MiningFee
The validation reward is chosen such that it equals the validation reward of the common chest. As the gas prices can vary the actual Dopium mining fee at the moment of mining can vary as well. The MiningFee on the other hand is constant and is only changed according to the D-Drops strategy.
Example calculation: ValidationReward = 60 cents MiningFee = 50 cents DopiumMiningFee = 5 * 0.60 + 0.5 = 3.5 Dollars
Custom drop fee calculation In order to keep custom drops accessible to all and not make them very expensive, we introduce two types of custom drops namely secure and less-secure custom drops. Custom secure drops will use the D-Drops validation system to guarantee that the user traveled to the designation location whilst Custom less-secure drops rely only on the hackability of the code and the system design itself.
Custom secure drops The custom secure drop fee calculation is similar to the Dopium mining calculation except instead of MiningFee, CustomSecureDropFee is used. We determined the custom drop base fee to be such that receiving a custom drop would equate to validating a common treasure chest. Given that the fee needs to be shared between the treasure wallet and the land owner in a 70/30 fashion we find the custom drop fee to be 0.78 USD using the formula below.
CustomDropBaseFee = 0.6 + 0.6/100 *30 = 0.78 The total Custom Secure Drop Fee is calculated as shown below. CustomDropSecureFee = 5 * ValidatorReward + CustomDropBaseFee CustomDropSecureFee = 5 * 0.60 + 0.78 = 3.78 USD
Custom less-secure drops The calculation of custom less-secure drops is similar to Custom secure drops with the exception that ValidatorReward and ValidatorGasFee are set equal to 0, thus giving the formula below.
CustomLessSecureDropFee = CustomDropBaseFee CustomLessSecureDropFee = 0.78 = 0.78 USD.

Overview Fees

Fee Type
Claim fee Genesis Treasures
30% of treasure content
Claim fee Custom Treasures
150 DOP + potential custom fee
Dopium mining fee
3.5 USD
Custom Drop secure fee
3.78 USD
Custom Drop less secure fee
0.78 USD
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