The Creator NFT


Users can only create drops using a creator NFT. Depending on the type of creator NFT users can drop specific types of drops. The basic creator NFTs can only drop treasure chests containing DOP. The creator NFT records all treasure or quest drops generated through this NFT. The drops are recorded per individual wallet address.


Just like the radar, NFTs the creator NFTs can also be upgraded to better versions with more functionalities. Users can upgrade their creators using Dopium.

Types of upgrades

Custom Token upgrade This upgrade allows treasure drops containing custom tokens.
NFT upgrade This upgrade allows treasure drops containing NFTs.
Quest upgrade This upgrade allows quests drops in all through this creator accessible creator-accessible land.
Hidden treasure upgrade The creator can now drop hidden treasures as well as clues. This upgrade allows hidden treasure and clue drops.
Mint and mine upgrade The creator can create drops requiring users to pay a minting o gain access to the treasured content. This feature is especially suited for creators who like to sell their products in the D-Drops world.
Track drop upgrade This upgrade allows treasure drops with track based unlock criteria.
Time drop upgrade This upgrade allows treasure drops with time-based unlock criteria.
Finalization The radar NFT can be “Finalized” once one has filled all its find slots. Finalization unlocks an additional utility for the radar. One can choose to make their radar magnetic field or fallout resistant.

Creator Description

Records All drops dropped with this creator per wallet
Actions A list of actions that can be used to create specific activities and drops within the D-Drops world.

List of all Actions

  • Basic treasure drop
  • NFT drop
  • Quest drop
  • Clue drop
  • Craft unique NFT
  • Custom token drop

Limited Edition Creators

A collection of limited-edition creators will be released each with different utilities and designs.