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What is a Claiming Fee?

The claiming fee is the fee you pay to the validators for validating your request. This is 30% of the treasure chest value. Thus for every treasure claimed 30% is going to the validators and 70% is going to the claimant i.e. the player

What are Claim Requests?

In order to be able to claim the treasures, you find you need to send a claim request. Sending claim requests blocks other players from claiming the treasure until the claim request is validated by the validators.

Why are there Claim Requests?

Claim requests are required because each treasure claim needs to be validated by the validators. A claim request temporarily reserves the treasure for you and blocks other users from claiming the same treasure. Once the validation request is done depending on the outcome the treasure is either opened again for other players to claim or the treasure content is sent to you and the treasure is removed from the D-Drops World.

Why do claim requests cost DOP and BNB?

The DOP you pay as a claim fee serves as a reward for the validators. The BNB is used to pay for the transaction on the Binance smart chain.

How does the Validation System work?

The D-Drops validation system is designed to make D-Drops completely decentralized and community-driven. The validation of a claim request is conducted by 5 randomly picked validators. Each validator can confirm the claim request or reject the claim request. The majority i.e., 3 out of 5 votes will count as the final decision for the claim request. If a claim request has been approved the content of the treasure chest will be sent to the claimant on the other hand if a claim request has been rejected the claim request will be canceled and the chest will be added back to the D-Drops World. In both cases, the player has to pay the 30% treasure claim fee.

Can I stake my DOP/How do I become a validator?

Users can stake 100,000 DOP to become a validator. In Dapp you can go to the validation dashboard and after going through the tutorial you can stake DOP and become a validator.
Validators are free to leave at any time, however in order to be able to leave you have to have no pending claim requests assigned to you. Thus if you want to leave validation make sure you have addressed all the claim requests assigned to you first prior to leaving.
One can stake more than 100,000 DOP by joining the validation again and again. Joining the validation multiple times increases the chances for you to get a claim request assigned to you for validation. To join the validation again when you are already a validator, in DApp go to more -> validators tutorial -> at the end of the tutorial you can join validation again.

How do I leave validation?

In order to leave validation, in App go to more -> Leave validation. If you have joined validation multiple times you can repeat this process.

What if my validation is rejected?

Here there are two possible cases:
  1. 1.
    The validation is rightfully rejected. In this case, you will lose the fee that is necessary to submit the validation claim.
  2. 2.
    The validation is wrongfully rejected Please contact D-Drops in this case, so that we can help you as soon as possible. [email protected]

How can I increase my radar range?

This is correlated to the amount of DOP in your wallet. So by buying or hunting treasures to get DOP you will get a bigger radius. Below you can find the specific radar range for a range of DOP holdings.
[0, 50.000) : This amount of DOP sets you on tier 0 with a radius of 130 meters.
[50.000, 100.000) : With this amount of DOP you will enter tier 1 with a radius of 260 meters.
[100.000, 500.000) Tier 2 will be available when this amount of DOP is in your wallet, this gives you a radius of 530 meters.
500.000+ : Tier 3 with radius 1000 meters